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『壹』 關於澳大利亞的英文介紹

Australia: An introction
In land area, Australia is the sixth largest nation after Russia, Canada, China, the United States of America and Brazil. It has, however, a relatively small population.

Australia is the only nation to govern an entire continent and its outlying islands. The mainland is the largest island and the smallest, flattest continent on Earth. It lies between 10° and 39° South latitude.

The highest point on the mainland, Mount Kosciuszko, is only 2228 metres. Apart from Antarctica, Australia is the driest continent.

Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth. Its interior has one of the lowest rainfalls in the world and about three-quarters of the land is arid or semi-arid. Its fertile areas are well-watered, however, and these are used very effectively to help feed the world. Sheep and cattle graze in dry country, but care must be taken with the soil. Some grazing land became desert when the long cycles that influence rainfall in Australia turned to drought.

The Australian federation consists of six States and two Territories. Most inland borders follow lines of longitude and latitude. The largest State, Western Australia, is about the same size as Western Europe.

Natural environment
Australia has a remarkable diversity of life forms seen nowhere else in the world. Australian plants and animals evolved in isolation from other parts of the world. When the super-continent of Gondwanaland split up about 160 million years ago, Australia joined Antarctica and drifted towards the South Pole, where glaciers formed a barrier between it and other land masses.

Over the past 45 million years, Australia has moved away from Antarctica towards the equator and become warmer and more arid. About 35 million years ago, eucalypts began to displace the dense forests of the cool, damp Tertiary era.

Today Australian eucalypts account for more than half of all eucalypts found throughout the world.

The marsupials native to Australia have a different chromosome structure than mammals in other parts of the world. Typically, they suckle their young in a pouch.

Like the eucalypts, marsupials occupied a wide range of ecological niches in Australia. The first kangaroo marsupials seem to have appeared about 15 million years ago. They vary enormously in size and adaptation. A species of tropical kangaroo lives in trees, but most kangaroos are tough, efficient users of dry bush.

As the world climate warmed and glaciers melted, oceans graally rose to their current level and the land bridges to New Guinea and Tasmania were cut. Corals colonised a flooded coastal plain, forming the Great Barrier Reef of Queensland.

Ancient plants still grow in the wild. Large 'Antarctic' tree ferns are common in damp, shaded gullies on the south sides of ridges. Cycad palms form an understorey to tall, silvery spotted gums (eucalypts) along the south-east coast. Rare relics from earlier geological eras are found in small, special habitats, such as desert canyons.

Pressure on native habitats from agriculture and introced pests like the fox and rabbit have resulted in extinctions of some native species in the past 200 years. Australia now has a strong scientific and legal framework to deal with these issues. Australians care about their unique environment.

More than 60 000 years before the arrival of European settlers, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples inhabited most areas of the Australian European settlement in 1788. However, there were an estimated 300 000 Indigenous Australians living on the continent.

Until recently, Western historians focused on early European contact with the Australian continent ring the 16th and 17th centuries.

In recent years this approach has been balanced by the recognition that Asian and Oceanic explorers and traders had contact with Indigenous Australian people long before the European expansion into the eastern hemisphere.

After the American War of Independence, Britain looked to establish new penal settlements to replace the north Atlantic colonies. The First Fleet of 11 ships with 1500 aboard, half of them convicts, arrived at Botany Bay in January 1788. Sydney grew from that first British penal settlement.

Transportation of British convicts to New South Wales ceased in 1840, but continued to Western Australia until 1868. About 160 000 convicts arrived over 80 years. That compares with free settler arrivals as high as 50 000 a year.

During the 1850s, settlement was boosted by gold rushes. Scarcity of labour, the vastness of the bush, and new wealth based on farming, mining and trade all contributed to the development of uniquely Australian social institutions and sensibilities.

In 1901 the Australian colonies federated to become the Commonwealth of Australia. As in Canada, the British monarch remains the monarch of Australia, which is now an independent, democratic nation with a tradition of religious tolerance and free speech.

Australia's culturally diverse society includes its Indigenous peoples and settlers from countries all around the world.

Immigration is an important feature of Australian society. Since 1945, over six million people from 200 countries have come to Australia as new settlers. Migrants have made a major contribution to shaping modern Australia. People born overseas make up almost one quarter of the total population.

The federal government sets immigration intake numbers on a yearly basis. Australia's immigration policies are non-discriminatory and all applicants to migrate must meet the same selection criteria.

Area and population of Australian States and Territories
Area in square kilometres
(mainland only)
Population *


1 723 936
Brisbane (1.65m)

New South Wales
800 628
Sydney (4.15m)

Australian Capital Territory (Jervis Bay Territory)
2 358
Canberra (0.32m)

227 010
Melbourne (3.49m)

64 519
Hobart (0.20m)

South Australia
978 810
Adelaide (1.11m)

Western Australia
2 526 786


Northern Territory
1 335 742
Darwin (0.11m)

7 659 861

Sources: area—Auslig; population—Australian Bureau of Statistics
* Estimated resident population as at 30 June 2001.

Australia has had one of the most outstanding economies of the world in recent years. As a high-growth, low-inflation, low interest rate economy, it is more vibrant than ever before. There is an efficient government sector, a flexible labour market and a very competitive business sector.

With its abundant physical resources, Australia has enjoyed a high standard of living since the nineteenth century. It has made a comparatively large investment in social infrastructure, including ecation, training, health and transport.

The Australian workforce has seen many improvements over the last decade, leading to the surge in proctivity in the 1990s. The complex and centralised award based instrial relations system has given way to a more decentralised one with many employees working under workplace agreements tailored to meet enterprise needs.

Further information
Australian Biodiversity www.biodiversity.environment.gov.au

National Library of Australia www.nla.gov.au/oz/histsite.html

Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs www.immi.gov.au

The Australian Government Treasury www.treasury.gov.au

Further information about other aspects of contemporary Australia

『貳』 澳大利亞英文介紹還要有翻譯

Australia is located on the southern hemisphere. It is the lagest country among oceanian countries. It has the Pacific Ocean to the east and the India Ocean to the west. It has a large number of islands around. The territory is about 7617930 spuare kilometres. It has a population of about 19 million and 74.2% of them are the descendant of English and Irish. The first group of immigrants who came from England arrived there in 1788.
Most time of the year, the climate is warm and nice. Most of its population live on the southeast coast. Canberra is the capital of Australia, and Sydney is the biggest city.
Australia has profuse natural resouse and developed travle instry. Millions of tourists come here every year.

『叄』 給點比較詳盡的澳大利亞的英文介紹

Australia 網路名片 Wikipedia card 中文名稱: Chinese name: 澳大利亞聯邦 Australia 英文名稱: English name: The Commonwealth of Australia The Commonwealth of Australia 簡稱: Abbreviations: 澳大利亞 Australia 所屬洲: Respective continents: 大洋洲 Oceania 首都: Capital: 堪培拉 Canberra 主要城市: Major cities: 堪培拉,悉尼,墨爾本 Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne 國慶日: National Day: 1月26日 January 26 國歌: Anthem: 《澳大利亞,前進》 "Australia, forward" 國家代碼: Country code: AU AU 官方語言: Official language: 英語 English 貨幣: Currency: 澳元 AUD 政治體制: Political structure: 聯邦制 Federalism 國家領袖: Leaders: 總理陸克文 Prime Minister Kevin Rudd 人口數量: Population: 2170萬人(2009年3月) 21.7 million people (March 2009) 主要民族: Main ethnic groups: 70%是英國及愛爾蘭後裔 70% are descendants of the United Kingdom and Ireland 主要宗教: Main Religion: 聖公會教,羅馬天主教 Anglican, Roman Catholic Church 國土面積: Land Area: 7,692,000平方公里 7,692,000 km2 GDP總計: GDP Total: 7730億美元(2007年度) 773 billion U.S. dollars (2007) 人均GDP: Per capita GDP: 37,300美元(2007年度) 37,300 U.S. dollars (2007) Basic Overview 國名: 澳大利亞聯邦(The Commonwealth of Australia)簡稱澳大利亞(Australia)澳大利亞被譽為人間天堂,英文可分解為amazing (嘆為觀止)unexpected(超乎想像)stylish(時尚之巔)tempting(誘人魅力)relaxing(悠然一刻)adventurous(體驗極限)liberating(自由自在)inspiring(靈感無限)attractive(夢縈魂牽). Country name: Commonwealth of Australia (The Commonwealth of Australia) referred to as Australia (Australia) Australia known as a paradise on earth, English can be decomposed into amazing (amazing) unexpected (than expected) stylish (the summit of fashion) tempting (sective charm) relaxing ( leisurely moment) adventurous (experience of the limit) liberating (freedom) inspiring (inspired by infinite) attractive (I Dreamed soul of pull). 代碼:AU Code: AU 首都 : 堪培拉 (英文名:Canberra) Capital: Canberra (English name: Canberra) 面積: 7,692,000平方公里 Area: 7,692,000 sq km 人口: 2170萬多人(2009年3月) Population: 21.7 million people (March 2009) 語言: 英語 ( 官方語言 ),土著語言. Languages: English (official language), indigenous languages. 貨幣 : 澳元 Currency: AUD 民族: 70%是英國及愛爾蘭後裔,18%為歐洲其他國家後裔,亞裔佔6%,土著居民約佔2.3%. National: 70% of British and Irish descent, and 18% for the descendants of other European countries, Asian 6%, indigenous people account for about 2.3%. 宗教 : 25%的國民沒有宗教信仰, 聖公會教徒佔21%,羅馬天主教教徒佔27%,其他基督教徒佔21%,其他宗教信仰者佔6%. Religion: 25% of the population there is no religion, Anglican Christians accounted for 21%, Roman Catholic Christians, 27%, other Christian 21%, other religions accounted for 6%. 國慶日: 1月26日 ( 1788年 ) National Day: January 26 (1788) 國花: 金合歡 (Golden wattle, 拉丁文學名:Acacia pycnantha) Flower: Acacia (Golden wattle, Latin scientific name: Acacia pycnantha) 英國人首先把澳大利亞作為一個流放囚犯的地方. The British first put Australia as an exiled prisoner place. 1788年1月18日,由菲利普船長率領的一支有6艘船的船隊共1530人抵達澳大利亞的園林灣(Botany Bay),當中有736名囚犯. January 18, 1788, led by Captain Philip has a fleet of six ships arrived in Australia a total of 1530 garden Bay (Botany Bay), of which 736 prisoners. 八天後的1788年1月26日,他們正式在澳大利亞傑克遜港(Port Jackson)建立起第一個英國殖民區,這個地方後來人口不斷增長而成為澳大利亞現在的第一大城市悉尼 ,這個名字是為了紀念當時的英國內政大臣悉尼(SYDNEY). Eight days after the January 26, 1788, they formally Port Jackson in Australia (Port Jackson) to build the first British colonial zone, this place was the growing population to become the first city in Australia is now in Sydney, this name is in order to commemoration of the then British Home Secretary in Sydney (SYDNEY). 現在,每年的1月26日是澳大利亞的國慶日. Now, the annual January 26 is Australia's national day. 首都趣史 History of the capital interest 聯邦成立的時候,澳大利亞尚未能確定首都的地點,在1901年至1927年, 墨爾本是澳大利亞的臨時首都, [Edit this paragraph] 地理氣候 Geography and Climate 澳大利亞位於南半球 ,面積居世界第六,僅次於俄羅斯 、 加拿大 、 中國 、 美國和巴西 ,約相當於五分之四個中國. Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, with an area ranks sixth in the world, after Russia, Canada, China, the United States and Brazil, equivalent to about four-fifths of a Chinese. 它東臨太平洋,西臨印度洋, 海岸線長達37000公里. It is the east Pacific Ocean, west Indian Ocean, the coastline up to 37,000 km. 是世界上唯一一個獨佔一個大陸的國家. Is the world's only an exclusive one continent. 澳大利亞的地形很有特色. Australia's terrain is quite distinctive. 西部和中部有崎嶇的多石地帶、浩瀚的沙漠和蔥郁的平頂山巒,東部有連綿的高原 ,在靠海處是狹窄的海灘緩坡,緩斜向西,漸成平原. The western and central parts of the rugged rocky areas, the vast desert and lush mountain ranges of Pingdingshan east of rolling plateau, in the sea is that a narrow beach gentle slope, slow ramp to the west, graally became plain. Coastal area is full of wide beaches and lush vegetation, where the topography of strange things: in the west of the City of Sydney has the Blue Mountains of the cliffs, in the north Gela Si House Brisbane, tall mountains, beautiful and after the erosion of the volcanic neck , while in the south coast west of Adelaide city, is a flat plain. 墨累河和達令河是澳大利亞最長的兩條河流. Murray River and Darling River is Australia's longest two rivers. 這兩個河流系統形成墨累-達令盆地,面積約100多萬平方公里,相當於大陸總面積的14%. These two river systems the formation of the Murray - Darling Basin, an area of about 100 million square kilometers, equivalent to 14% of the total area of mainland China. 艾爾湖是靠近大陸中心一個極大的鹽湖,面積超過9000平方公里,但長期呈乾涸狀態. Lake Eyre is near the center of the continent a great salt lake, covering an area over 9000 square km, but the long-term status was dry. 澳大利亞的大部分國土,約70%,屬於乾旱或半乾旱地帶,中部大部分地區不適合居住. Most of Australia's land, about 70%, classified as arid or semi-arid zones, the central most areas not suitable for habitation. 澳大利亞有11個大沙漠,它們約占整個大陸面積的20%. Australia has 11 large deserts, which account for about 20% of the area throughout the continent. 由於降雨量很小,大陸三分之一以上的面積實際上被沙漠覆蓋. As the rainfall is small, the mainland for more than one-third of the area actually covered by deserts. 澳大利亞是世界上最平坦、最乾燥的大陸,中部窪地及西部高原均為氣候乾燥的沙漠, 能作畜牧及耕種的土地只有26萬平方公里. Australia is the world's most flat, the driest continent, the central lowland and western plateau are dry desert climate, can make animal husbandry and farming the land, only 26 million square kilometers. 沿海地帶,特別是東南沿海地帶,適於居住與耕種. Coastal areas, particularly in the southeastern coastal zone, suitable for residence and cultivation. 這里丘陵起伏,水源豐富,土地肥沃. Here hilly, water-rich, fertile land. 除南海岸外,整個沿海地帶形成一條環繞大陸的「綠帶」,正是這條「綠帶」養育了這個國家. In addition to the south coast, the entire coastal strip around the continent to form a "green", it is this "green" brought up this country. 然而,澳大利亞內陸貧瘠乾旱地帶卻蘊藏極為豐富的礦產資源,澳大利亞鐵礦儲量佔世界第二位,各種礦產為澳大利亞帶來大量的財富 . However, barren arid zones of inland Australia is extremely rich deposits of mineral resources, the Australian iron ore reserves of the world's second largest, all kinds of mineral resources in Australia to bring a lot of wealth.

『肆』 簡單點兒的用英語介紹澳大利亞帶中文翻譯

Commonwealth of Australia referred to as Australia is a developed capitalist countries. Australian word, which means "South China", the Europeans in the early 17th century when the discovery of the continent, mistakenly thought it was a straight land in Antarctica, so called "Australia." Australia surrounded by the sea, is the world's only national territory covering the entire continent, with many of its own unique flora and fauna and the natural landscape. Australia is a nation of immigrants, pursuing multiculturalism.
Australia's highly urbanized population, nearly half of the citizens living in the two major cities of Sydney and Melbourne, a number of cities across the country has been rated as one of the world's most liveable. Its second largest city, Melbourne has repeatedly been rated the world's most liveable city.
Australian territorial area of 7,617,930 square kilometers, is the most economically developed country in the southern hemisphere, the world's 12th largest economy, the world's fourth largest exporter of agricultural procts, but also a variety of mineral exports in the world's first country to be known as "sitting tub State "on. Australia is also the largest number of sheep and wool exporting country stocking in the world, is known as "riding on the sheep's back country."
Australia is a sports power, the global number of sports events held all year round. Australia has twice hosted the Summer Olympic Games, and is the annual host of the annual Formula One racing and the Australian Open. Australia actively participate in international affairs, the United Nations, the G20, the Commonwealth, the Pacific Security Treaty, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and a member of the Pacific Islands Forum.

『伍』 澳大利亞國家介紹怎麼說

澳大利亞(Australia),全稱為澳大利亞聯邦(The Commonwealth of Australia)。其領土面積7686850平方公里,四面環海,是世界上唯一國土覆蓋整個大陸的國家。擁有很多獨特的動植物和自然景觀的澳大利亞,是一個奉行多元文化的移民國家。x0dx0a澳大利亞(australia)一詞,意為「南方的大陸」,由拉丁文 terraaustralis (南方的土地)變化而來。歐洲人在17世紀發現這塊大陸時,誤以為是一塊直通南極的陸地,故取名「澳大利亞」。x0dx0a澳大利亞是一個高度發達的資本主義國家。作為南半球經濟最發達的國家和全球第12大經濟體、全球第四大農產品出口國,其也是多種礦產出口量全球第一的國家,因此被稱作「坐在礦車上的國家」。同時,澳大利亞也是世界上放養綿備慧羊數量和出口羊毛最多的國家,也被稱為「騎在羊背的國家」。澳大利亞人口高度都市化,近一半國民居住在悉尼和墨爾本兩大城市,全國多個城市曾被評為世界上最適宜居住的地方之一。其也是一個體育強國,常年舉辦全球多項體育盛事。現在,澳大利亞積極參與國際事務,是聯合國、20國集團、英聯邦、太平洋安全保障條約、經濟合作與發展組織及太平洋島國論壇的成員。x0dx0a位置x0dx0a澳大利亞(Australia)位於南太平洋和印度洋之間,由澳大利亞大陸和塔斯馬尼亞島等島嶼和海外領土組x0dx0a澳大利亞地圖-最新erlinyou版x0dx0a成。它東瀕太平洋的珊瑚海和塔斯曼海,西、北、南三面臨印度洋及其邊緣海。是世界上唯一一個獨佔一個大陸的國家。x0dx0a澳大利亞東部隔塔斯曼海與紐西蘭相望,東北隔珊瑚海與巴布亞紐幾內亞和索羅門群島相望,北部隔著阿拉弗拉海和帝汶海與印度尼西亞和東帝汶相望。x0dx0a地形x0dx0a澳大利亞的地形很有特色。東部山地,中部平原,西部高原。全國最高峰科修斯科山海拔2228米,在靠海處是狹窄的海灘緩坡,緩斜向西,漸成平原。東北部沿海有大堡礁。x0dx0a沿海地區到處是寬闊的沙灘和蔥翠的草木,那裡的地形千姿百態:在悉尼(Sydney)市西面有藍山山脈的懸x0dx0a澳大利亞地形圖x0dx0a崖峭壁,在布里斯本北面有葛拉思豪斯山脈高大、優美而歷經侵蝕的火山頸,而在阿德雷德市西面的南海岸則是一片平坦的原野。x0dx0a澳大利亞的約70%的國土屬於乾旱或半乾旱地帶,中部大部分地區不適合人類居住。澳大利亞有11個大沙漠,它們約占整個大陸面積的20%。澳大利亞是世界上最平坦、最乾燥的大手滾告陸,中部的艾爾湖是澳大利亞的最低點,湖面低於海平面16米。能作畜牧及耕種的土地只有26萬平方公里,主要畢明分布在東南沿海地帶。x0dx0ax0dx0a氣候x0dx0a澳大利亞氣候x0dx0a澳大利亞地處南半球,雖然時差與中國(含港澳台)只有2-3小時,但是季節卻完全相反。12月-2月為夏季,3月-5月為秋季,6月-8月為冬季,9月-11月為春季。x0dx0a澳大利亞跨兩個氣候帶,北部屬於熱帶,每年11月-次年04月是雨季,11月到第二年的4月是旱季,由於靠近赤道,1月-2月是台風期。澳洲南部屬於溫帶。澳洲中西部是荒無人煙的沙漠,乾旱少雨,氣溫高,溫差大;在沿海地帶,雨量充沛,氣候濕潤。x0dx0ax0dx0a水文x0dx0a墨累河和達令河是澳大利亞最長的兩條河流。這兩個河流系統形成墨累-達令盆地,面積100多萬平方公里,相當於大陸總面積的14%。最長河流墨累河(MurrayRiver)長2589千米。艾爾湖是靠近大陸中心一個極大的鹽湖,面積超過9000k_,但長期呈乾涸狀態。x0dx0a澳大利亞是全球最乾燥的大陸,飲用水主要是自然降水,並依賴大壩蓄水供水。政府嚴禁使用地下水,因為地下水資源一旦開采,很難恢復。2006-2009年,厄爾尼諾影響擴大,導致降雨大幅減少,澳大利亞各大城市普遍缺水,紛紛頒布多項限制用水的法令,以節水渡過乾旱。x0dx0ax0dx0a自然資源編輯x0dx0ax0dx0a礦產x0dx0a澳大利亞大堡礁x0dx0a澳大利亞的礦產資源、石油和天然氣都很豐富,礦產資源至少有70餘種。其中,鋁土礦儲量居世界首位,佔世界總儲量35%。澳大利亞是世界上最大的鋁土、氧化鋁、鑽石、鉛、鉭生產國,黃金、鐵礦石、煤、鋰、錳礦石、鎳、銀、鈾、鋅等的產量也居世界前列。同時,澳大利亞還是世界上最大的煙煤、鋁土、鉛、鑽石、鋅及精礦出口國,第二大氧化鋁、鐵礦石、鈾礦出口國,第三大鋁和黃金出口國。已探明的有經濟開采價值的礦產蘊藏量:鋁礬土約31億噸,鐵礦砂153億噸,煙煤5110億噸,褐煤4110億噸,鉛1720萬噸,鎳900萬噸,銀40600噸,鉭18000噸,鋅3400萬噸,鈾61萬噸,黃金4404噸。澳原油儲量2400億公升,天然氣儲量13600億立方米,液化石油氣儲量1740億公升。森林覆蓋面積占國土的20%,天然森林面積約1.55億公頃(2\3為桉樹),用材林面積122萬公頃。被稱為「坐在礦車上的國家」x0dx0ax0dx0a生物x0dx0a澳大利亞被稱為「世界活化石博物館」。據統計,澳大利亞有植物1.2萬種,有9000種是其他國家沒有的;有鳥類650種,450種是澳大利亞特有的。全球的有袋類動物,除南美洲外,大部分都分布在澳大利亞。澳大利亞由於環境穩定,所以特有地球演化過程中保留下來的古老生物種類,它們雖顯得原始,卻成為人類研究地球演化歷史的活化石。近幾十年來外來物種通過不同途徑進入澳大利亞,對本地生態環境造成不同程度的影響。x0dx0a鴯鶓(Emu)x0dx0a鴯鶓是出現在澳大利亞國徽上的動物之一,是飛翔功能已經退化的大鳥,它是澳大利亞最大的鳥,鴯鶓是世界上最大的陸地鳥之一,也是世界上最古老的鳥種之一,是鳥綱鶴鴕目鴯鶓科唯一殘存種。x0dx0a樹袋熊(Koala)x0dx0a又名樹熊或考拉,澳大利亞特有的動物之一,既是澳大利亞的國寶,又是澳大利亞奇特的珍貴原始樹棲動x0dx0ax0dx0a憨態可掬的考拉 (8張)x0dx0a 物,屬哺乳類中的有袋目樹袋熊科,分布於澳大利亞東南部的尤加利樹林區。墨爾本有一個考拉保護區,在距離布里斯班一公里處也有一考拉保護區,只有布里斯班的考拉保護區可以和考拉擁抱。在藍山憑借雙眼無法在桉樹林中找到考拉,建議帶望遠鏡。其實你能看到考拉動已經很不錯了。考拉就這么抱著樹,簡直就是一個萌物,記住:千萬不能去打擾它們!x0dx0ax0dx0a鴨嘴獸(Platypus)x0dx0a澳大利亞的單孔類哺乳動物,鴨嘴獸是出現在澳大利亞20仙硬幣上的動物,它們分布於澳大利亞東部約克角至南澳大利亞之間,在塔斯馬尼亞島也有棲息。x0dx0a木蠹蛾幼蟲x0dx0a這種白色、高蛋白的小吃其實是蛾的幼蟲,它是澳大利亞沙漠地區一種重要的昆蟲菜餚,還曾是當地土著人的主食。x0dx0a袋鼠(Kangaroo)x0dx0a原產於澳大利亞大陸和巴布亞紐幾內亞的部分地區。其中,有些種類為澳大利亞獨有。所有澳大利亞袋鼠,x0dx0ax0dx0a澳大利亞袋鼠 (10張)x0dx0a 動物園和野生動物園里的除外,都在野地里生活。不同種類的袋鼠在澳大利亞各種不同的自然環境中生活,從涼性氣候的雨林和沙漠平原到熱帶地區。x0dx0ax0dx0a所有袋鼠不管體積多大,有一個共同點:長著長腳的後腿強健而有力,腹部表面都有一個育兒袋。袋鼠以跳代跑,最高可跳到4米,最遠可跳至13米,可以說是跳得最高最遠的哺乳動物。x0dx0a野兔x0dx0a澳大利亞本來沒有兔子,1788年,隨著英國人首次定居澳大利亞的船隊,幾十隻兔子被運到澳大利亞,最初是作為培養食用肉類而引進,後來一些富裕的人家把兔子放到大自然作為狩獵,讓兔子逃到草原上飛快繁殖。在1950年,澳大利亞的兔子估計達到6億只,它們破壞植被,致使水土流失,草原和畜牧業面臨長時間的破壞。澳大利亞動用了各種方法來減少兔子的數目,在1991年,澳大利亞的兔子數目下降到大約3億只。x0dx0a概況x0dx0a澳大利亞是一個高度發達的資本主義國家。2013年國內生產總值(GDP)全球排名第12,人均生產總值達到67742美元,排名世界第5,在2000萬人口以上的國家中排名第一,遠高於美國,英國等其他主要英語國家。澳農牧業發達,自然資源豐富,有「騎在羊背上的國家」,「坐在礦車上的國家」和「手持麥穗的國家」之稱。x0dx0a澳大利亞長期靠出口農產品和礦產資源賺取大量收入,盛產羊、牛、小麥和蔗糖,同時也是世界重要的礦產資源生產國和出口國。澳大利亞資源是很多國家極為羨慕的,英語中甚至有一個片語專門形容澳大利亞「Theluckycountry」,意思是說澳大利亞的氣候、歷史、生活方式各方面都比較幸運,國民不需要太辛苦勞動,只要讓牛羊隨便吃草,在地上挖礦就可過高水平的生活,而且沒有受到兩次世界大戰戰火的侵擾。農牧業、采礦業為澳傳統產業。澳大利亞的高科技產業近幾年有較快發展,在國際市場上競爭力有所提高。x0dx0a自1970年代以來,澳大利亞經濟經歷了重大結構性調整,旅遊業和服務業迅速發展,占國內生產總值的比重逐漸增加,當前已達到70%左右。黃金業發達,已經成為世界屈指可數的產金大國。澳大利亞郵政是世界上少見的賺錢而不需要政府補貼的郵政系統。x0dx0a澳大利亞庄園x0dx0a2012年主要經濟數據如下:x0dx0a國內生產總值:約1.6萬億美元。x0dx0a經濟增長率:3.1%。x0dx0a人均國內生產總值:約6.8萬美元。x0dx0a貨幣名稱:澳元。x0dx0a失業率:5.5%(2013年5月)。[1] x0dx0a貨幣匯率x0dx0a1澳元=0.72美元(2015年9月)x0dx0a1澳元=4.57人民幣元(2015年9月)x0dx0ax0dx0a工業x0dx0a以製造業、建築業和礦業為主。2009/2010年度,製造業產值為1108億澳元,佔GDP的8.7%。建築業和礦業產值分別為900億澳元和1210億澳元,分別占國內生產總值7.2%和9.5%。悉尼是其工業中心。x0dx0ax0dx0a農牧x0dx0a澳大利亞農牧業發達,素有「騎在羊背上的國家」之稱。農牧業產品的生產和出口在國民經濟中佔有重要位置,是世界上最大的羊毛和牛肉出口國。農牧業用地4.4億公頃,佔全國土地面積的57。主要農作物有小麥、大麥、油籽、棉花、蔗糖和水果。[3] x0dx0a澳大利亞農牧業產品的生產和出口在國民經濟中佔有重要位置,是世界上最大的羊毛和牛肉出口國。2009/2010年度,農牧業產值274億澳元,占國內生產總值2.1%。主要農作物有小麥、大麥、油菜籽、棉花、蔗糖和水果。2009至2010年財政年度,小麥產值48億澳元,大麥14億澳元,羊毛19億澳元是現代混合農業——水稻綿羊業。x0dx0ax0dx0a漁業x0dx0a澳大利亞的漁業資源豐富,捕魚區面積比國土面積還多16%,是世界上第三大捕魚區,有3000多種海水和淡水魚以及3000多種甲殼及軟體類水產品,其中已進行商業性捕撈的約600種。澳最主要的水產品有對蝦、龍蝦、鮑魚、金槍魚、扇貝、蚝、牡蠣等。x0dx0ax0dx0a服務x0dx0a服務業是澳經濟最重要和發展最快的部門。經過30年的經濟結構調整,已成為國民經濟支柱產業,占國內生產總值80%以上。產值最高的行業是房地產及商務服務業、金融保險業。[3] 2009/2010年度,服務業產值達8452億澳元,占國內生產總值65.8%。房地產、商業和金融業的增長最為突出。x0dx0ax0dx0a外貿x0dx0a澳大利亞對國際貿易依賴較大。澳與130多個國家和地區有貿易關系。澳主要貿易夥伴依次為中國、日本、美國、新加坡、英國、韓國、紐西蘭、泰國、德國和馬來西亞。[3] 2009/2010年度澳外貿總額5901億澳元,同比增長5.3%,貿易順差為89億澳元。澳與130多個國家和地區有貿易關系。當前,澳主要貿易夥伴依次為中國、日本、美國、韓國、印度、新加坡、英國、紐西蘭、泰國、德國等。x0dx0ax0dx0a交通x0dx0a澳大利亞國際海、空運輸業發達。悉尼是南太平洋主要交通運輸樞紐。交通運輸情況如下:x0dx0a鐵路:自20世紀90年代以來,鐵路行業進行了公司化和私有化改革。全國鐵路總長約4.4萬公里。2009/2010年遠途鐵路乘x0dx0a墨爾本機場x0dx0a客約1500萬人次,城市軌道交通乘客約6.03億人次,與上年基本持平。2006/2007年鐵路運送貨物6.65億噸,同比增長3.8%。x0dx0a公路:全國公路總長80多萬公里。2012年,注冊機動車輛1670萬輛,其中客車1271萬輛,輕型貨車261萬輛,公共汽車9萬輛。x0dx0a水運:港口97個,墨爾本為全國第一大港。2011/2012年度,擁有國際海運船隻約80艘,國際水運貨運量8.99億噸,有30541艘/次海運船隻抵港。x0dx0a空運:截至2013年6月,注冊飛機15060架,各類機場和跑道約2000個,常旅客機場約250個,其中12個國際機場。2012年,國際飛行15.78萬架次,客運2962萬人次,同比增長5%,貨運量87萬噸,同比增長3.8%;國內飛行63.12萬架次,客運5655萬人次,同比增長4.1%。澳航空業務主要由「快達」(Qantas)、「維珍澳洲」(VirginAustralia)和「捷星」(Jetstar)航空公司主導。客流量排名前十的機場為:悉尼、墨爾本、布里斯班、珀斯、阿德萊德、黃金海岸、凱恩斯、堪培拉、霍巴特和達爾文。

『陸』 澳大利亞的英語簡介

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澳大利亞聯邦, 位於太平洋西南部和印度洋之間的澳洲大陸上, 澳洲領土還包括塔斯馬尼亞島。 米納基 7 , 682 , 300 平方公里. 澳洲人口 2 千萬, 澳洲居民多為歐洲移民後裔,澳洲是世界上人口密度最低的國家之一。澳洲通用英語, 信奉基督教. 澳洲首都堪培拉, 人口 30 萬.

澳洲在世界知名城市: 悉尼(悉尼), 墨爾本, 布里斯本, 凱恩斯,柏斯

海岸線長 20,100 多公里, 澳洲大陸部分地勢低平, 平均海拔 350 米, 僅澳洲邊緣有山地。 澳洲東部為山脈, 台地河谷地相接的下場的帶,這里有澳洲全國最高點, 澳洲有海拔為 2, 228 米的克西阿斯科山,澳洲的中部平原海拔在 200 米以下 , 北艾爾湖面為 -16 米 , 為澳洲全國最低點 . 澳洲的西部高原多為沙漠和半沙漠 . 墨累河為境內最長的河流 , 長達 3,490 公里 , 以北艾爾湖為中心的大盆地有些間歇性的內陸河流 . 大部分地區屬熱帶和亞熱帶氣候 . 澳洲年降水量為 250 –2,000 毫米 . 澳洲礦物質源豐富 . 澳洲的鐵 , 鋁 , 鈾等的貯量位居世界各國前列 . 地下水資源豐富 . 澳洲以特有的袋鼠 , 樹熊等珍貴動物聞名世界 .

澳洲是經濟發達的國家 . 工業先進 , 主要部門是采礦 , 制金 , 機械製造 , 化工 , 紡織 , 食品等 . 澳洲升號真實其在羊背上的國家 , 天山牧場遼闊 , 農牧業和農畜產品加工發達 . 羊和羊毛馳名世界 , 羊頭數和羊毛參量據位居世界各國前列 . 澳洲的主要農作物是麥類 , 棉花 , 甘蔗和亞熱帶水果 . 澳洲的鐵路長 4 萬多公里 . 公路長 98 萬公里 .


澳洲的國慶節 1 月 26 日
澳洲流通貨幣 澳元 (AU$)
澳洲時差 比格林尼治時間早 10 小時 ; 部分地區有夏令時
澳洲國花 合金歡
澳洲國鳥 琴鳥
澳洲國樹 桉樹
澳洲國名意譯 拉丁文語意為 」 南方之地 」. 澳洲很早就有人居住 , 但作為國家的歷史卻很短 , 故被稱之為 」 古老土地上的年輕國家 」
澳洲譽稱 做在礦車上的國家 , 騎在羊背上的國家
澳洲民俗 澳洲是個移民國家 , 其人民既有西方人的爽朗 , 又有東方人的矜持 , 土著居民以狩獵為生 , 迴旋鏢為獨特的狩獵武器 , 盛行圖騰崇拜 .
澳洲的世界之最 澳洲的大堡礁長 2,000 多公里 , 為世界上最大的珊瑚礁區 .
澳洲的艾利斯巨石 , 石長約 3600 米 , 高 330 米 , 基圍約 9000 米 , 是世界上最大的巨岩獨石.
澳洲的喬治湖 , 位於澳洲首都堪培拉和悉尼之間 , 自 1982 年起已出現 5 此消失現象 , 這種間斷消失的現象現仍為地理之謎 .

因為澳洲身處南半球 , 所以澳洲四季與北半球相反 , 澳洲每年的聖誕節正是澳洲夏天的正式開始 . 但澳洲身為天主教以及基督教國家 , 這一年一度的澳洲傳統節日還是澳洲人最重要的假期 . 澳洲接近聖誕節期間 , 澳洲人們湧入各個大型商場 , 搶購聖誕禮物 , 而在澳洲路邊經常會看到化裝盛裝的聖誕老人頂著烈日 , 在炎熱的夏天為路過的人群盡力帶出聖誕節的氣氛 . 而澳洲也是少數幾個先敲響新年鍾聲的國家之一 . 每一年澳洲悉尼新年煙花也成為世界排名前十位的慶典活動之一 .


大洋洲 , 位於太平洋西南部和南部 , 赤道南北的廣大海域中 . 其狹義的范圍是指東部的珀利西尼亞 . 中部的米克羅尼西亞和西部的美拉尼西亞三大島群 . 廣義的范圍是指除上述山大到群外 , 還包括澳洲 , 紐西蘭 , 新幾內亞島 ( 伊里安島 ) 等 . 大洋洲的陸地總面積約 897 萬平方公里,大洋洲約佔地球上總面積的 6% ,大洋洲是世界上最小的一個州.

大洋洲有 14 個獨立國家,其中十幾個地區為美,英,法等國的屬地. 在地理上劃分為澳洲,紐西蘭, 新幾內亞 , 美拉尼西亞,米克羅尼西亞和珀利尼西亞六區.

大洋洲人口 2900 萬。約佔世界人口的 0.5% ,是除了南極洲之為世界人口最少的一洲。 全洲 70% 人口分布在澳洲大陸。各島國人口密度差異顯著. 絕大部分居民使用英語, 三大島群上的當地居民分別使用美拉尼西亞語, 米克羅尼西亞語和珀利尼西亞語. 絕大部分居民信奉基督教, 少數信奉天主教, 還有印度教, 佛教等不同宗教.

16 世紀之前, 大洋洲的土著居民從事農業, 漁業, 狩獵和採集。 16 世紀 20 年代葡萄牙, 西班牙殖民者開始入侵. 19 世紀中葉, 整個太平洋地區成為荷蘭,英國, 法國, 德國, 美國, 日本等的殖民地. 在指明統治下, 大洋洲土著居民日減, 成為殖民國家的原料供應地. 20 世紀初,澳洲, 紐西蘭率先獨立, 次後西薩摩亞, 諾魯, 湯加, 斐濟等地相繼獨立.

『柒』 用英語介紹澳大利亞

1.Australia is located in the southern hemisphere. It is the largest country in Oceania. It is on the east of the Pacific Ocean. It is near the India ocean in the West. There are many islands in the vicinity. It is about 7 million 692 thousand square kilometers, the population is about 19 million 200 thousand. About 74.2% of the British and Irish descendants. In 1788, the first British immigrants arrived in Australia.


2.The climate is warm all the year round, and most of the population is concentrated in the southeast coast.The capital is Canberra, Sydney is the largest city.


3.Australia is rich in natural resources and well-developed tourism, and a large number of tourists come here every year.



澳大利亞聯邦(英語:Commonwealth of Australia),簡稱「澳大利亞」(Australia)。其領土面積7692024平方公里,四面環海,是世界上唯一國土覆蓋一整個大陸的國家,因此也稱「澳洲」。擁有很多獨特的動植物和自然景觀的澳大利亞,是一個奉行多元文化的移民國家。

澳大利亞(Australia)一詞,原意為「南方的大陸族差慎」,由拉丁文 terraaustralis (南方的土地)變化而來。歐洲人在17世紀發現這塊大陸慶灶時,誤以為是一塊直通南極的陸地,故取名「澳大利亞」。



『捌』 澳大利亞英文介紹

australia is an Asia country. it is in the middle of the pacific ocean. its capital is Canberra but not the most famous city Sydney. in the northeast of Australia there are some greatest sights of the world, for example, the Barrier Reef. there people could enjoy white sands, high clear sky with pure clouds, beautiful pale blue sea water and even more unbelievable animals and water world under the sea surface. what do you know about this pretty country? which city do you like best? would you like to share it with me? i'm here.


『玖』 澳大利亞的英文是什麼

澳大利亞(Australia),全稱為澳大利亞聯邦(The Commonwealth of Australia)。其領土面積7,686,850萬平方公里,四面環海,是世界上唯一一個國土覆蓋整個大陸的國家。那麼,你知道澳大利亞的的英文單詞是什麼嗎?

澳大利亞[ào dà lì yà]






down under


我們的女兒十年前 出國 到澳大利亞去了。

Our daughter went out to Australia ten years ago.


On impulse, I picked up the phone and rang my sister in Australia.


This ship plies between London and Australia.


My foreign teacher came from Australia.


Please don't confuse Australia with Austria.


Is Australia part of Oceania?


Australia also offers excellent value for money and a high standard of living.

澳大利亞還 種植 小麥和 其它 穀物。

It also grows wheat and other grains.


Australia is the province of the kangaroo.


Australian rugby league enjoys a huge following in New Zealand 澳大利亞 橄欖球 聯盟在紐西蘭有眾多支持者。

Australia's rugby union side enjoyed a record-breaking win over France 澳大利亞的英式橄欖球聯盟隊創紀錄地贏了法國隊。

I'vebeen dragged back from Australia for no sufficient reason 沒有充分的理由,我就從澳大利亞被硬叫了回來。

The tour will include games against the Australian Barbarians 這次巡迴賽將包括和澳大利亞野人隊的比賽。

Australia, put in to bat, made a cautious start 輪到澳大利亞隊出場擊球,他們開始打得很謹慎。

He decided to do something about reforesting man-made wastes of western Australia 他決定為在澳大利亞西部人為導致荒蕪的土地上重新造林做點事情。

He has coached and played in Italy ring the Australian off-season 他趁澳大利亞的休賽期在義大利執教並參加比賽。

The Aussie was in agony with a broken finger 這個澳大利亞人承受著斷指之痛。

And I'll buzz over to talk some sense into old Ocker 我會不厭其煩地給那個固執己見的澳大利亞老頭講道理。

Blake emigrated to Australia with his family at 布萊克在歲時隨家人移民到了澳大利亞。

The Australian team will be seated in business class 澳大利亞隊將乘坐商務艙。

What we are planning is cutting-edge technology never seen in Australia before 我們正在開發的是一種在澳大利亞從未有過的尖端技術。

The Labor government of Western Australia has an election e next spring 西澳大利亞工黨政府明年春天要舉行選舉。

The parliaments of Australia and Indonesia have yet to ratify the treaty 澳大利亞和印度尼西亞的國會尚未批准該條約。

Brisbane has become the boom town for Australian film and television 布里斯班由於澳大利亞電影和電視業的發展而迅速變成了一個繁榮的都市。

The Australians fry their bananas and sweeten them with honey 澳大利亞人把香蕉炸了,然後再淋上蜂蜜吃。

First McNeil had to cool down the volatile Australian -year old 首先麥克尼爾得讓那個脾氣暴躁的歲澳大利亞小夥子冷靜下來。

We're playing in New Zealand, Australia and Japan through November 整個月,我們都在紐西蘭、澳大利亞和日本巡迴演出。

I'm going to be surfing bigger waves when I get to Australia! 到了澳大利亞後我要去浪頭更大的地方沖浪!

They mill , tonnes of flour a day in every Australian state 澳大利亞各州每天都要磨,噸麵粉。



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