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㈠ 求一篇介紹巴西的演講文!!並且把這篇文章翻譯成英語!!!時間五分鍾就行

A country in motion

The land area of Brazil extends over 8.5 million square kilometers, occupying just under half (47%) of the area of Latin America. The country possesses 20% of all the world』s biodiversity; an example of this natural wealth is the Amazon Rainforest, with 3.6 million square kilometers. The political and administrative organization comprises three main Branches of Power: the Judiciary, the Executive and the Legislative, and the principle of autonomy among the Union, the Federal District, 26 states and 5,563 towns and cities (IBGE/2003).

Ranking fifth among the world』s most populated countries, the population of Brazil amounts to 50 million families or approximately 180 million inhabitants (2004), the majority - 81% - in urban areas. The national birth rate, which reached as high as 6.3 in 1960, currently stands at 2.1 children per female. The result of this decline, which can be associated to an improvement in social indicators and consequently in quality of life, will be a population whose majority of citizens will be aged between 15 and 44 years within the next four decades. This will represent one of the largest job and consumer markets among the countries on the American continent.

Diversified Economy

Brazil accounts for three fifths of the South American economy』s instrial proction and integrates various economic groups, such as Mercosur, G-22 and the Cairns Group. The country』s scientific and technological development, together with a dynamic and diversified instrial sector, is attractive to foreign enterprise: direct investment was in the region of US$ 20 billion /year on average, compared to US$ 2 billion/year last decade.

Brazil trades regularly with over one hundred nations, with 74% of exports represented by manufactured or semimanufactured goods. Its main partners are: the EEC (representing 26% of the balance), the US (24%), Mercosur and Latin America (21%) and Asia (12%). One of the most dynamic sectors in this trade scenery is the so-called 「agrobusiness」 sector, which for two decades has kept Brazil amongst the most highly proctive countries in areas related to the rural sector.

The owner of a sophisticated technological sector, Brazil develops projects that range from submarines to aircraft and is involved in space research: the country possesses a Launching Center for Light Vehicles and was the only country in the Southern Hemisphere to integrate the team responsible for the construction of the International Space Station-the ISS. A pioneer in the field of deep water oil research, from where 73% of its reserves are extracted, Brazil was the first capitalist country to bring together the ten largest car assembly companies inside its national territory.

㈡ 巴西烤肉用英語怎麼說


㈢ 英語好的幫忙翻譯下吧

Shanghai's flavor is and Bund. Shanghai big theater. Oriental pearl. Jinmao building…Relates in together this unequalled city, where can't miss. Xiangxielishe main road. As beautiful as a painting Bund, the sea gull crosses a river the wharf, the circle spherical convention center ......Certainly, most satisfied mounts the oriental pearl bird's eye view Shanghai's night scene more than .300 meters upper airs, the modern neon got a panoramic view! the bridge, is the Shanghai essential scenery line, is also the urban historical testimony. Perhaps stone rampart, either steeliness, either brief, either luxurious, each its style. inborn has the frantic female to the shopping, observes closely shanghai, has observed closely the world fashionable tidal current, even if purse not abundant, has a look also to satisfy a craving. In the convention, in June and December is Paris every year 2 white sales. Might as well gets up along the subway searches. Shanghai's subway and the transportation pearl line extends in all directions, could find absolutely compared to here small advantage several time of major suits. the Shanghai's good food fused the Chinese various main dishes department, any place's cooked food has! (if therefore you are come from other place not to fear that) has formed own vegetable department take various vegetables as the foundation-----The Shanghai vegetable (hears in a outside areas fire). Shanghai also has all kinds of foreign vegetable---The Brazilian barbecue, the South Korean tappasaki, France's western-style food, ...... also has drinks the coffee the place world-wide main street and small alley, nearby the street. Nearby square, on river bank. On pleasure boat, in oriental pearl tower. The most populace, are most emotional, open-air Cafe, that is the Shanghai white-collar's romantic portrayal nearly. Most famous weighs the mountain road! Might as well tries to make chapter of Cafe waiter, that is an extremely interesting work, even if is one hour!

㈣ 巴西烤肉的英語怎麼拼的


㈤ 巴西烤肉的英文簡介加翻譯

Brazil barbecue mainly have the roast beef, chicken, pork, sausage and pineapple, pear and apple, pineapple is surface coated with Brazil honey roasted), it is the raw material after the pickled flavor, respectively, to wear in a about a metre long flat iron with grooves on the carbon fire on barbecue, slowly to brush a few times ring oil, bake until golden on both sides, meat is sweet and tangy, can eat, this is similar to the Chinese barbecue, but it has no Chinese seasoning put more, it's most distinctive is its ways, generally are may put some western-style buffet restaurant, on the barbecue no guests will eat a little bit before these things.

㈥ 巴西烤肉除了美味的烤肉,大家還知道其它美食嗎



巴西烤串在我國但是非常有名,我們也可以隱隱約約察覺到巴西炭火烤肉肯定會很美味可口。炭火烤肉用調味鹽調料,放到燒烤上,然後在熱煤或木材上烤,直至烤出汁多的淡粉色,這便是極致顏色。 傳統的家庭燒烤一般也會有臘腸,雞胗再烤一根吱吱響聲的乳酪,吃到撐的節奏。

㈦ 我們吃了一頓自助巴西烤肉當做晚餐 用英語怎麼說

我不知道別的城市,起碼我們在美國自助餐叫All You Can Eat。
所以我的翻譯是:We had "All You Can Eat" at Brazilian BBQ restaurant for dinner

㈧ 關於巴西的英文簡介


The Federal Republic of Brazil, Brazil for short, derives its name from Brazilian mahogany. It is the largest country in South America and enjoys the reputation of "the Kingdom of Football". The total land area is 8.5149 million square kilometers, ranking fifth in the world. The total population is 208.6 million.

It borders Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. Brazil is divided into 26 states and a federal district, with municipalities under the states.













㈨ noble是什麼意思

adj.高尚的; 貴族的; 外表庄嚴和莊重的; 表現出崇高的;
n.尊貴的人; 舊時在英國使用的金幣。

用作形容詞 (adj.)
1.These few words fully revealed her noble quality.
2.Jim is descended from a noble family.
3.The noble peaks tower into the clouds.
4.His noble example inspired the rest of us to greater efforts.
5.He framed his life according to a noble pattern.
用作名詞 (n.)
1.It was said that he was from a noble family.
2.He is no longer within the pale of noble society.

㈩ 不會葡萄牙語,但要獨自去巴西,怎麼在巴西點烤肉




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